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Aquecimento global numa fria

Deu no Telegraph:

Britain facing one of the coldest winters in 100 years, experts predict

(…) Weather patterns were more like those in the late 1970s, experts said, while Met Office figures released on Monday are expected to show that the country is experiencing the coldest winter for up to 25 years.

E este aqui deu na ABC-CBN. Neve em Marselhas!

The rare sight of snow was seen in the southern Mediterranean port of Marseille, closing the local airport and leaving some 12,000 households in the region without electricity.

Onde estão, neste momento, o Greenpeace, o Al Gore e os aquecimentistas?

Aqui valem as sábias palavras de Homer Simpson, em episódio ainda inédito no Brasil.

Para o caso da FOX tirar o vídeo do ar…

Lisa: Global warming can cause weather at both extremes, hot and cold.
Homer: I see, so you’re saying warming makes it colder. Well aren’t you the queen of Crazy Land! Everything the’s opposite of everything…!

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